LM-JET 8000 Traversing System


LM-JET 8000 - Traversing System w/ Integrated Ink-Jet


LM-JET 8000 & Leibinger CIJ

LM-Jet 8000

LM-JET 8000 Wash Down Traversing System

The LM-JET 8000 Traversing System is ideal for traversing small character ink jet print heads.


  • The LM-Jet 8000 Traversing System, is ideal for traversing small character ink jet print heads. Whether your application requires printing on parts while in a static position or traversing your print head across a web to create print perpendicular to the direction of travel, this indexing system will allow you to achieve your application.
  • Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum, this system is built to meet the needs of most applications and environments.
  • The Stainless Steel Control Enclosure allows you to easily place this system in food facilities, meat processing applications, chemical and steel facilities and more without the concern of environmental wear on the system.
  • The LM-Jet 8000 can be mounted in any orientation allowing you to index your print head into the required window placing print on virtually any surface.


Auxiliary Inputs & Outputs: 2 inputs & 1 outputs standard (Optional: 9 inputs & 3 outputs)
Drive System: Stepper motor drive
Electrical: 90-260 VAC 50/60Hz @ 4 Amps
Environment: Operating 50-95º F (10-35º C), 15-85% RH, non-condensing
General Size: 10” W x 3.187” D x 27” H (Base size)
Interface: RS-232c Serial
Maximum Payload: 10 lbs (dependent on speed)
Optional: Analog input / encoder input / USB port / serial port / PWM output
Printer Interface: RS 232 serial communication & two dry outputs
System Start Input: 24vdc sinking input standard (photo electric or dry contact)
System Status Indicator: Status light tower (standard)
Traversing Speed: Up to 32”/sec.
Weight: 19 lbs (Base weight)


  • Accuracy: Repeatable up to
    +/- 0.01”
  • Speed: 1.0 to 32 IPS
  • Standard Traversing Lengths of 12” to 50”
  • Operational Modes:
    Bi-directional & Uni-directional


  • Wash Down Models
  • Serial Port Interface
  • Ink Jet Mounting Brackets
  • Multiple Axis Configurations
  • Custom Programming
  • Direct Interface with most Ink-Jet Printers
  • Limited 12 Month Warranty