Table-Top Semi-Automatic Label Applicator

Apply labels to cylindrical products .5” up to 3.5” OD.  Carriage adjusts to meet the taper of the product. Make this system more versatile and add the tamp module for flat products.

Labeling Speed/Rate: Up to 45 per Minute
Label Placement: Label placement up to +/- 1/32” when labels are produced to specifications and product handling is controlled
Electrical: 90-240 VAC/60Hz – 2 amps
Label Roll Capacity: 12” maximum outside diameter wound on a 3” I.D. core. Die-cut waste removed with minimum of 1/8” separations between labels in running direction
Air Requirements: 80 psi/3cfm when equipped with tamp, flag, or round module
Label Size Minimum: 1/2” wide x 1/2” long Maximum 6.5” wide x 14” long (optional sizes available)
Environment Operating: 50-95° F (10-35° C) 15-85% RH, non-condensing
General Size: 12”W x 18”D x 17”H
Weight: 45 lbs. plus weight of modules (5-7 lbs. each)

Video Reference

LM1012 Tamp Semi-Automatic Label Applicator for Curved Honey Containers
LM1012TTS Semi-Automatic Flag Label Applicator for Syringes
LM1012TTS Semi-Automatic Label Applicator for Cannabis Flower Jars with Screw Tops
LM1012 Semi-Auto Label Applicator w/ Gallon Round Module for Filled Bottles & Jugs
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