Label Applicator Conveyor Systems


Roller Bed Conveyor System for Round Products

The LabelMill LM5000RB Rollerbed Systems can help automate your label application for tubes and other round containers or products. The LabelMill rollerbed conveyor is paired with a synchronous feed label applicator to automatically and accurately apply labels. It uses a powered hopper that allows the operator to load batches of products, which are automatically dispensed and spaced on to the rollerbed conveyor system.


Throughput Rate: 50-200 / Minute, Product & Label Size Dependent
Standard Product Range: Minimum: 1.0″ X .25″ OD, Maximum: 6.0″ X 1.0″ OD
Label Placement Tolerance: Up To +/- 1/16″ When Labels and Product Are Produced to Specifications
Interface Sensors: Product Sensor – Photoeye / PLC Input, Auxiliary Outputs with Connector
Electrical Input: 120vac / 60hz — 15 Amps
Label Roll Capacity: 12″ Max Outside Diameter (16” O.D. Optional), Wound on a 3″ Core. Die-Cut, Waste Removed with a Minimum 1/8″ Separation Between Labels In Running Direction
Acceptable Label Sizes: Minimum 1.0″ Wide X 1.0″ Long, Maximum 6.0″ Wide X 4.0″ Long (Optional Sizes Available)
Environment: Operating 50-95 Degrees F (10-35 Degrees C) 15-85% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing
General Size: Typical: 72” Long x 55″ Wide x 70″ High
Weight: 500 Lbs

Video Reference

LM5000RB Rollerbed & LM3542SF Print & Apply Label Applicator for Pre-Roll Cannabis Tubes
LM5000RB Rollerbed Conveyor w/ LM4012SF Automatically Labeling Various Pre-Roll Tubes
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