Label Applicator Conveyor Systems


Conveyor Labeling System

Fully automated, in-line, turn-key  conveyor labeling system. Systems can be configured for single or dual panel labeling as well as wrap labeling at high speeds, is a sophisticated solution for product labeling


Labeling Speed/Rate: Up to 200 per minute
Material Handling Conveyor: Adjustable height 6.0” x 72” plastic belt conveyor, Maximum belt speed of 1200” / minute, Heavy duty variable speed DC drive.
Wrap Station: 6” x 24” foam wrap belt module
Product Spacing Station: 8” diameter wheel type product separator module, Centrally mounted control panel, Heavy duty aluminum and powder coated steel construction
Label Roll Capacity: 12” maximum outside diameter wound on a 3” I.D. core, Die-cut waste removed with minimum of 1⁄8” separations between labels in running direction
Air Requirements: 80 psi/3cfm when equipped with tamp, blow, swing, or corner wrap
Label Size: Minimum 1⁄2” wide x 1⁄2” long, Maximum 61⁄2” wide x 12” long (optional sizes available)
Environment: Operating 50-95° F (10-35° C), 15-85% RH, non-condensing

Video Reference

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