LM-3560 Print & Apply

The LabelMill 3560 can print and apply bar codes, text, or graphics. This unique design allows for incredible speeds and flexible operation. The system can run as both a printer applicator and a high speed label applicator.


  • Print and apply bar codes, text, or graphics


Labeling Speed/Rate: Up to 16” per second and, depending on label and product size, approximately 10 to 90 per minute
Bar Codes: UPC-A , UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE39, INT. 2 OF 5, CODE 128, CODABAR, MSI 2 OF 5, UPC Bookland
Bar Code Ratios: 1:2, 1:2.5, 1:3 or individually programmable bar code widths.
Human Readable Fonts: Eight fonts including OCR-A and OCR-B representation and an outline font. American and European fonts, upper case and lower case with descenders plus memory available for custom fonts.
Label Roll Capacity: 12” maximum outside diameter wound on a 3” I.D. core. Die-cut waste removed with minimum for 1⁄8” separations between labels in running direction.
Label Size: Minimum 1.0” wide x 3⁄4” long Maximum 6 1⁄2” wide x 14” long (available when utilizing a Zebra print engine)
Maximum Print Area: 5” wide x 18” long, 6.5” wide x 18” long with optional engine
Print Method: Thermal transfer and direct thermal
Drive System: Servo motor drive
Application Methods: Tamp, wipe-on, blow-on, customs
Interface: Centronics parallel, Ethernet, Wireless, RS-232c Serial
Electrical: 115 VAC/60Hz - 250 W idle, 600 running
Air Requirements: 80 psi/3 cfm when equipped with tamp, flag, blow, swing, or corner wrap
Environment: Operating 50-95º F (10-35º C), 15-85% RH, non-condensing
General Size: 29” W x 25” D x 26” H
Weight: 75 lbs


  • Speeds up to 1500 Inches a Minute
  • Close Loop Servo Drive System
  • 12 Inch Label Storage Spool Standard
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Design
  • User-Friendly Operating Software
  • Automatic Set-Up
  • Batch Counter
  • Job Storage
  • Printer Status Outputs
  • Left and Right-Hand Designs
  • 15 Auxiliary I/O Points (Factory Programmable)
  • Hand Held User Interface


  • Touch Screen User Interface
  • Serial Interface Ports (Two / Factory Programmable)
  • Encoder Port / Conveyor Interface
  • Dual Trigger Inputs
  • Power Unwind Label Storage Spool
  • Ethernet Interface (Factory Programmable)
  • Tandem Labelers / Zero Down time
  • System Status Light Tower
  • Smart Tamp

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