LM-5000 Label Applicator Conveyor Systems

The Label Mill 5000 is a full, in-line, turn-key prime labeling system. This system can be configured for single or dual panel labeling as well as wrap labeling at speeds up to 150 products per minute.


  • Setting a new standard for entry level high speed labeling systems.
  • The LabelMill® 5000 High Speed Wrap Around has the speed and reliability to handle your toughest bottle labeling application.
  • The LabelMill 5000 High Speed Wrap Around Bottle Labeler as specifically designed for the bottling industry making it both reliable and flexible.
  • The 5000RPS can handle both paper and film labels.
  • Built to handle almost any cylindrical glass or plastic container, as well as almost any other cylindrical product, the 5000’s host of standard features are designed to accurately apply full wrap, partial wrap, or front and back labeling at high speeds.
  • Its compact footprint and heavy duty construction make it easy to integrate into new or existing production lines.


Labeling Speed/Rate: Up to 200 per minute
Material Handling Conveyor: Adjustable height 6.0” x 72” plastic belt conveyor, Maximum belt speed of 1200” / minute, Heavy duty variable speed DC drive.
Wrap Station: 6” x 24” foam wrap belt module
Product Spacing Station: 8” diameter wheel type product separator module, Centrally mounted control panel, Heavy duty aluminum and powder coated steel construction
Label Roll Capacity: 12” maximum outside diameter wound on a 3” I.D. core, Die-cut waste removed with minimum of 1⁄8” separations between labels in running direction
Air Requirements: 80 psi/3cfm when equipped with tamp, blow, swing, or corner wrap
Label Size: Minimum 1⁄2” wide x 1⁄2” long, Maximum 61⁄2” wide x 12” long (optional sizes available)
Application Method: Wipe-on and tamp
Environment:Operating 50-95° F (10-35° C), 15-85% RH, non-condensing


  • Product speeds Up To 200 / Minute
  • Label Speeds up to 2400 Inches a Minute
  • Labeler Close Loop Servo Drive System
  • Seamless LabelMill Label Applicator Integration
  • Touch Screen User Interface
  • 8” Diameter Product Spacer Wheel
  • Servo Drive Motors
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Design
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