Efficient Pouch Labeling Solutions: Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Business

Pouches are becoming increasingly popular across retail stores – and are used to store a variety of items. Depending on the item, pouches can be easily customized for different sizes.

Labeling these pouches is not the same as labeling a flat box or container. With the right pouch labeling equipment, businesses can find an efficient and cost-effective way to label various items according to their needs. In this blog, we shall explore how to choose the right equipment for labeling your pouches.

Selecting the Right Pouch Labeling Solution

If your company is new to pouch labeling, then you cannot select the right labeler simply by reading their product catalog. Here is a list of questions you may ask your labeling vendor:

  • How many pouches do you need to label every day, month, or year?
  • Can a single piece of labeling equipment satisfy all your labeling requirements – or do you need multiple machines?
  • How will their pouch labeling benefit your business?
  • Is their pouch labeling equipment easy to operate, – and if they provide operating instructions?

Before selecting the right pouch labeler, you also need to consider the following labeling requirements:

1. Labeling speed and cost

The first requirement is the labeling speed that you need – and at what costs. For instance, large equipment built for high-volume businesses is designed to finish the job quickly – and at a fraction of the cost of smaller machines.

2. Suitability for flat surfaces

In addition to pouches, do you need labeling equipment that can apply labels to flat surfaces too? If yes, then search for labeling machines with a loading platform, which can be used to put labels on bags, pouches, and cartons.

3. Suitability for both full and empty pouches

The next requirement is to choose the equipment based on whether it can apply labels to both full and empty pouches. This feature is essential for companies that fill their pouches with their product before sticking the label on.

4. Accommodates all types of materials.

Depending on the business, pouches and bags are made of different types of materials. Hence, make sure your chosen equipment can accommodate labeling on different materials, including paper, metals, fabrics, and more. 

5. Additional features

Depending on your budget, you can opt for higher-end equipment that provides additional functionalities like label counters, missing label detection, and accurate labeling. 

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How do you go about selecting the right labeler for your pouch labeling requirements? Here’s a three-step process:

Identify your labeling needs.

The first step is to identify your pouch labeling needs. Here are some questions that you need to answer first:

  • What do you need to label? For example, a pouch, bottle, bag, or carton. Bottle labeling equipment is not the right choice for labeling pouches or bags.
  • What product are you planning to keep in the pouch?
  • Where do you need the label on the pouch? Based on this, you can opt for a wraparound label or a two-panel label.

Consider the production environment.

The next step is to consider the production environment where the labeling process will happen. The type of equipment to be chosen depends highly on the production environment and the type of product packaging. With this selection factor, you can identify the type of labeler and application that you will be using.

Consider the product environment.

The next step is to consider the product environment – or the various environments that your product will be exposed to after being released to the market. For instance, is your product likely to be used outdoors, indoors, or in frozen environments? Similarly, consider factors like the recommended room temperature for the stored product or how it is going to be transported to its destination.


This article outlines the requirements of your pouch labeling solution – along with a list of questions that should help you make the most appropriate choice. Depending on your business requirements, you can choose the right labeling equipment by getting information directly from your labeling company.

The right pouch labeling company will always invest time in understanding your labeling requirements – before recommending the right solution. This is what you can expect from LabelMill. Our modular labeling machines are easy to operate and maintain. We have a variety of equipment that can work for your pouch labeling. Contact us.