LM-3510 Print & Apply


LM3510 Smart Tamp Pallet Label Applicator


LM3510 Tamp Module Label Applicator

LM3510 Slide Tamp1

LM3510 Custom Slide Tamp Applicator


LM3510 Corner-Wrap Label Applicator

The Label Mill 3510 is the perfect solution for your print and apply application with print widths up to 6.6” , 15 I/O points and high throughput capability, the 3510 can handle all your print and apply needs!


  • Easy integration to scales
  • Bar-code scanners
  • Product diverters
  • Automatic machines
  • Conveyor lines
  • Remote trigger
  • Second trigger for variable data
  • Tamp synchronization
  • Indicator signals
    • Low label
    • Broken web
    • Batch done
    • And more


Labeling Speed/Rate: Up to 16” per second and, depending on label and product size, approximately 10 to 90 per minute
Print Method: Thermal transfer and direct thermal
Interface: Centronics parallel, RS-232c Serial, Ethernet, Wireless, USB
Application Method: Tamp is standard, Wipe-on, flag, blow, corner-wrap, and swing tamp are optional
Bar Codes: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE 3912/5, CODE 128, CODABAR, MSI, 2/5, CODE 93, UPC Bookland, Matrix 2/5, POSTNET, UCC/EAN 128, PDF-417, Maxicode, Data Matrix
Bar Code Ratios: 1:2, 1:3, 5:2
Interface Sensors: Product sensor-photo eye/limit switch/PLC input Auxiliary output with connector standard
Electrical: 115 VAC/60Hz - 250 W idle, 600 running
Human Readable Fonts: 12 proportional and mono-spaced fonts including OCR-A and OCR-B representations and an outline font. American and European characters, uppercase and lower case with descenders (code table 850)
Air Requirements: 80 psi/3 cfm when equipped with tamp, flag, blow, swing, or corner wrap
Environment: Operating 50-95° F (10-35° C) 15-85% RH, non-condensing
Label Size: Minimum 1” wide x 1/2” long
General Size: 25”W x 22”D x 21”H
Weight: 61 lbs. with u-arm
Label Roll Capacity: 12” maximum outside diameter wound on a 3” I.D. core. Die-cut waste removed with minimum of 1/8” separations between labels in running direction.
Options: Variety of print engines, left-hand models, alarm, upgrade for longer labels, power unwind for larger spools.


  • Heavy Duty Industrial Design
  • 12 Inch Label Storage Spool Standard
  • Swing Away Tamp Assemble
  • User-Friendly Operating Software
  • Batch Counter
  • Job Storage
  • Printer Status Outputs
  • Left and Right-Hand Designs
  • 15 Auxiliary I/O Points (Factory Programmable)
  • Hand Held User Interface


  • Dual Trigger Inputs
  • Encoder Port / Conveyor Interface
  • Ethernet Interface (Factory Programmable)
  • Optional Width of 6.5” x 8.5”
  • Power Unwind Label Storage Spool
  • Serial Port Communication
  • Serial Port Communication
  • Smart Tamp
  • Tandem Labelers / Zero Down Time
  • Touch Screen Interface